Sunday, 26 February 2012

Goblin Blowjob Orgy: Say it three times fast!

Despite all the troubles going around, business continues as usual here at the Piper ranch, so to speak. Anthea returns in Goblin Blowjob Orgy, where she does exactly what the title suggests, and blows just about a million goblins. Well, five at most, but what can you do.

It's got cuddling in it. Lord Ash is a bit of a sweetheart that way. He's really not cut out for this nymph-pimping business, but he doesn't have much choice in the matter. Fortunately, Anthea is just so eager to please.

Available on

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Pursuant to the need to unwind

Saint's Row 3: Game of the year, every year.

That is all.

If tomorrow's just as bad, I'm sure I can find some Daedric prince who needs some help. Namira sounds therapeutic...

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Update: Siren Publishing proves to be bald-faced liars.

Several hours later: It seems Siren has updated their listings, including the ones I highlighted blow, claiming there is no sexual relationship between the family members involved.

This would be well and good, but it's not true. Their very own adult excerpts depict (often very poorly written) sexual scenes where both brothers will be penetrating or otherwise having sexual intercours with the same woman at the same time.

Yes, Virginia, there is a sexual relationship between family members if they have sex with the same person at the same time. This is not dependent on the definition of the word 'is', and it is not dependent on whether balls touch. Nor is there any legitimate way to claim a lack of sexual involvement between, say, two to five brothers who have spent years searching for a woman they can share between them-- even if one laughably pretends there is no sexual motivation in the setup, as soon as a sex scene happens, if more than one of them is present, there is a sexual relationship.

Siren Publishing is a company that lacks all integrity, and have no qualms with lying to their readerbase. Good show.

Bookstrand, Siren Publishing, Censorship, and Lies

The current big to-do in the independent erotica author world is that Bookstrand has recently closed all independent publishers' accounts, denying them the privelege of selling there. This is their perogative, of course, but as this comes less than a week after a TOS change regarding what works they allow to be sold there, one wonders why last week's debacle needed to occur at all.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Revenge of the Nerds, only, you know, sexy and not with a copyright-infringing title

Amber's desperate, she was just kicked out of her home, and her only option is that loser from school Joel. However, Joel and his room-mate Jon have plans of revenge on the spoiled young woman: a webcam sex show for all of the internet. Will Amber be up to the task, or will it be a cold night? Available on Amazon now.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

"It's not like we're related. And what's the alternative? You going off on a werewolf rampage? Of course I'll have sex with my hot brother to stop that."

Sarah's brother Jason is just home from college on break. She figures it's just ordinary school troubles that are making him squirrely, up until the full moon comes. There's no hiding that he's a werewolf anymore: and the only thing that can stop him from going on a rampage is rough sex!

My Were-Brother Bit Me: Now available on Amazon.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Fucking For Grades, Only on Amazon!

Allison desperately needs help passing Professor Morgan's course. She only has tutoring in mind when she approaches him, but he has a different plan! Will Allison allow her dominating professor to fuck her for the grade? Amazon exclusive release.

Thursday, 9 February 2012


New release. Feeling sick so I'll talk about it later with the proper advertising bs. Maybe hold until Amazon lets it out of its claws. Gay cowboy vampires though. How could that ever go wrong?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Skyrim? Writing time? No...

I could be a busy busy bee right now, in so many ways. Skyrim creation kit came out today with the shiny new high res texture pack, and I have a story I'm working on that's deceptively awesome.

Instead I'm going to go take a nap.

In the Beginning

Well, I have a terrible time keeping up with these sort of things, since I'd much rather be doing one of the things suggested by the title of this blog.

But it's such a good title, isn't it? Maybe I'll be able to run with it for the sake of the name.